How to Make a Chocolate Rose and Calla Lily Recipe

Happy by Chocolate – Pam Vieau Demo

HOW TO MAKE A ROSE  - See next page for Chocolate “Clay”  Recipe

  1. Roll the chocolate clay out as you would for cookie dough.
  2. Cut out 14 one-inch circles.
  3. Using leaf cutter cut out leaves.  If you do not have a leaf cutter, use a small paring knife to cut out elongated oval leaf shapes.
  4. Form a small mound of clay into the shape of an exaggerated Hershey’s kiss.
  5. Flatten out one of the cut out circles, and wrap it around the tip of the kiss.
  6. Flatten out 3 more circles and place them equidistant around the tip of the kiss.
  7. Form each of the 3 circles into the rosebud petals.
  8. Flatten out 3 more circles and place one at a time around the tip and form petals for small rose.
  9. Flatten out 5 more circles and place one at a time around the tip and form the rest of the petals for a full rose.
  10. Squeeze flower off of mound and set to dry.


  1. Cut out 13 one-inch circles.
  2. Flatten out edge of one of the circles.  Roll, to form very center of the rose.
  3. Flatten out the edges of three more circles. 
  4. Lay them out, slightly overlapping on a flat surface.
  5. Place rolled center at edge of 1st of overlapping circles.
  6. Pick up outside edge of first circle and begin rolling toward the end of the third circle – rolled piece will remain in center as you roll.
  7. Curve outside edges to form a rosebud
  8. Continue with 3 more circles (overlapping and placed on flat surface. - placing rosebud in center, and then roll from left to right.
  9. Create small pinch on the new outside petals of the rose. (If you are making a larger rose, wait until step 10 is completed before pinching the petals.
  10. You can continue on with a much larger rose – by overlapping 5 petals on a flat surface, placing rose in the center and rolling from left to right. 
  11. Create small pinch on the rose petals.


  1. Roll out chocolate clay to approx. 1/8-1/4” thick.
  2. Use heart cookie cutter and cut out clay – 1 heart for each calla lily
  3. Hold cutout upside down heart in your hand.
  4. Roll right fat side of heart in towards the mid-line of the heart.
  5. Roll left fat side of heart in to the middle and slightly overlap the right side roll up.
  6. Curve outside edges of rolled in sections.
  7. Add slight curve to top of calla lily.
  8. Form Stamen: Roll a small piece of yellow or white clay between your palms to shape the stamen. (Approx. 1 ½- 1 ¾ “ long) While the stamen is still tacky, roll in yellow granulated sugar, or yellow edible glitter, or you can brush w/gold lustre dust

MODELING CHOCOLATE –  a.k.a. Chocolate Paste, a.k.a. Chocolate Clay

Modeling chocolate has a consistency very similar to a tootsie roll, only softer. You can roll it flat with a rolling pin or a pasta machine.  Excessive handling can eventually dry out the product.  Once it has cured or set – the modeling clay can be kept in an airtight container or zip lock bag for at least a month, often longer.  Exposure to air will dry out the modeling chocolate. You do not need to temper the chocolate before making the paste. 


2 Parts Chocolate - i.e. – 10 oz. chocolate

1 Part corn syrup 60 DE – 5 oz. corn syrup


2 ½ Parts Chocolate – i.e. – 10 oz. chocolate

1 Part corn syrup 60 DE – 4 oz. or corn syrup


3 Parts Chocolate – 12 oz. chocolate

1 Part corn syrup 60 DE – 4 oz. or corn syrup

  • Melt chocolate to about 100 degrees F.  If you are adding food coloring to your chocolate, you add it now – it MUST be an oil based food coloring or a powdered food coloring that has been mixed with cocoa butter and then strained. 
  • Stir in corn syrup.
  • Mix thoroughly; mixture will begin to resemble a very thick sour cream consistency.
  • Spread mixture out onto a parchment sheet – pat into oblong shape. Let set at room temperature to dry or “cure”.  At least one hour, or preferably overnight.
  • If you are not going to use your modeling chocolate right away, place in airtight container or Ziploc bag, and stored at room temperature.When it's time to work with it, just knead it like dough. It will soften to just the right texture from contact with the warmth of your hands.
  • Often the dark chocolate clay will be very hard, it can be put in the microwave at 10 second intervals to help make it more pliable, and easier to knead.
  • Roll with a rolling pin, or pass it through a pasta machine, beginning with a wide aperture, and then gradually decreasing the size of the opening until it reaches your preferred thickness.