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Our Story


Our Mission

We strive to create delicious artisan chocolates that will provide consumers with a moment of joy or allow them to share a little joy with others. Happy By Chocolate is about reflection and appreciating the moments, and things, that really matter.


Buying the product made me smile. Tasting the toffee brought me joy.

Kristin Orta

One of those things you buy to make yourself feel good, and it didn’t disappoint.

Dorota Ramac

This is exactly what I needed to bring a little joy to 2020. The taste was delicious.

Nina Feather

Share a little joy

Help support our mission to give consumers a moment of joy. Send a happy message to someone special in your life by personalizing the back of each bag.


Due to a printing error, a small batch of Happy by Chocolate products were sold with ® next to “Happy by Chocolate”, instead of ™.  At this time, Chocolate Inspirations, LLC does not have an active trademark registration for the “Happy by Chocolate” mark, we but are excited to pursue federal registration. We know we have the world’s best customers, and we appreciate your patience as we correct this error and continue to bring you the delicious chocolate that makes you happy and inspired!